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Dollar Tree: Hefty Slider Bags only 33¢ with Coupons

Posted August 3, 2016



Hefty Slider Bags - $1.00

Buy (3) = $3.00


-$2.00/3 printable coupon

Final Price:  $1.00 for all (3)  or  33¢ each


 **Plus Tax


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 Carters Kids Clothes 70% off + extra 20%

Posted August 3, 2016

 Carter is currently hosting a 70% sale on their kids clothing.  Plus, take 20% off a purchase of $40 or more!  I used to buy Caters for my kids when they were younger.  You can't beat the quality of the clothing.  Now is the time to LOAD up!!


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Panera: Play Game to Win $3 Off Salad

Posted August 3, 2016


 I LOVE the Panera Salad with grilled chicken and fruit.  Honestly, I could eat it every single day of my life.  But it is a little pricey.  If you are a salad lover like me, currently you can earn a $3 coupon off a Panera salad by playing a game on their site.  There are (3) parts to the game.  Your goal is to find all the unhealthy chemicals and get rid of them.  Once the game is complete, you will earn a coupon!

Go over here to play the game.


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 Krispie Kreme Doughnuts 1/2  Off!!

Posted August 3, 2016

 Currently you can grab Krispie Kreme Doughnuts at half off.  This deal is regularly priced at  $20 but you can get it for only $10!!

Head over here to get this deal before gone!!


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Target:  12-Pack Pepsi Only $2.00

Posted August 2, 2016

  $1.00 off TWO (2) Pepsi 12P Cans or 8P Mini Cans
$1.00 off TWO 20oz plastic bottle Pepsi products
$1.00 off ONE (1) 20oz Mist Twst plastic bottle


 Target has Pepsi products priced at $2.50 this week.  But with the new coupon, you can grab for only $2.00!!


Pepsi Products 12-pack cans or 6-8 bottles - $2.50

Buy (4) = $10.00


(2) -$1.00/2 printable coupons

Final Price:  $8.00 for all (4)  or  $2.00 each!



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Posted August 1, 2016


Hey guys.  I have been gone off the site for quite awhile now.  I developed serious computer issues that have take some time to resolve.  Don't worry, I don't have virus issues.  I have mechanical problems that have caused my computer to suddenly quit working.  I am still dealing with one glitch and hope to get it fixed next week.  The break has been good for me.  I didn't realize how much I needed some down time. I have been at this for many years now and tiredness was starting to set in.  We all go through that at some point in our lives. When it happens, it is best to just step away and rest for a bit.  I am feeling refreshed and ready to bring you some great deals.

The first one tonight is a candy deal.  Who doesn't love cheap candy?!  You will need to scoot over to Walgreens to get in on this one.  You will need your Walgreens card.  If you don't have one, be sure to sign up.  Some of you may not know that you can download Walgreens coupons.  Just head to their site over here and clip the coupons you want. They will automatically download to your card.  When you purchase an item with a clipped coupon, the amount will come off your total when your card is scanned.  You can also find the coupons in their store coupon booklet found near the register when you walk in the front door.


 Hershey Candy Bars -  69¢

Buy (2) = $1.38


Buy one Get one Free Walgreens clipped coupon (or from booklet)

Final Price:  69¢ fro both or 35¢ each!


**Don't forget tax


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 Target:  Hebrew National Franks only $2.85

Posted August 1, 2016



Hebrew National Franks normally cost around  $5.99 to $6.99 per pack.  But this week you can grab them for $2.85 over at Target!


 Hebrew National Franks - $3.00 sale  (2 for $6.00)


-5% Target Cartwheel coupon (must register)

Final Price:  $2.85 + tax


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 Great Deal on Tide at CVS

Posted August 1, 2016

 $2.00 off (1) Tide Detergent



There is a GREAT Tide deal going on over at CVS this week. If you have $10 Extra Care Bucks, you can use them to pay for this deal and end up paying only $1.67 each!  My price point for laundry detergent is around $2.00 so when I can find it for less that $2.00 I grab it!


Buy (4) Tide @  $5.34 (37 to 50 oz)

Buy (2) Gain @ $5.32 (50 oz)

SubTotal:  $32.04


(4) -$2.00 Tide  printable coupons

plus (2)  -$2.00 printable coupons

Final Price:  $20.04 for all (6)  or  $3.34 each

Earn $10 Extra Care Buck


You can only only print (2) coupons per computer.  So if you have (2) computers, you can print (2) coupons on each computer.  Or you can use the $2.00 coupons found in the 7/31 P&G insert!  You can do a combination of (2) printable coupons and (2)manufacturer coupons. will find $2 Gain coupons in the 7/31 P&G.


If you have $10 in CVS Extra Care Bucks, you can use them to pay for this deal and then earn $10 in Extra Care Bucks back.  This is called "Rolling the deal".  In other words, earn the same number of extra care bucks that you spend.  Here is what your deal would look like if you already have $10 ECB's.



Buy (4) Tide @  $5.34 (37 to 50 oz)

Buy (2) Gain @ $5.32 (50 oz)

SubTotal:  $32.04


(4) -$2.00 Tide  printable coupons

plus (2)  -$2.00 printable coupons

$10 Extra Care Bucks from previous deal

Final Price:  $10.04 for all (6)  or  $1.67 each

Earn $10 Extra Care Buck


 **Don't forget tax

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 Bilo:  Country Time Lemonade only 89¢ with Coupon

Posted August 1, 2016

 $0.55 off (1) COUNTRY TIME, KOOL-AID, or TANG Mix


 Country Time Lemonade - $1.44  (prices vary)

-$0.55 printable coupon

Final Price:  89¢


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Posted August 1, 2016

 $1.00 off ONE ZzzQuil product



 ZZZQUIL - $5.99


-$1.00 printable coupon

Plus $5.00 Rebate (available until August 6)

Final Price:  Free after coupon and Rebate


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 Bilo: Herdez Salsa 39¢

Posted August 1, 2016



 Herdez Salsa - 94¢


-$0.55 printable coupon

Final Price:  39¢  + tax



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Posted March 13, 2014


 There are several ways to determine your percentage of savings on deals but I am going to show you my way which is pretty easy.  All you do is to divide the amount saved by the total amount (before coupons).  Here is an example.


Dove Deodorant - $4.89

-$2.00 manufacturer coupon

-$1.00 store coupon

Final Cost;  $1.89



 To see how much you saved on this deal;

 $3.00 (amount saved after coupons....$2 + $1)  divided by  $4.89 (total amount before coupons) = 61%



 **And have determined your savings in one easy step.  I will simplify this today and keep it on the site so you can refer to it anytime you need to determine your savings.


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